How to Dial German Phone Numbers in Germany

How to Write & Dial German Phone Numbers 49 is the code of which country

When you reach another country, you will need to call somewhere sometimes. In this way, you must know the country code and how to call. In Germany, phone numbers are different from the other countries. It’s not about you only, it’s for everyone. Everyone should know about the format of the phone call dial-in in Germany. If you are new in Germany or for the first time in Germany, you might be thinking about how to write and dial German phone numbers 49 is the code of which country. 

Communication methods in Germany have changed. People used landlines for friends and family. But now they call for business operations. People like to stay connected with social media now. Though it’s more convenient to use mobile phones now. This article will cover how to write & dial German phone numbers 49 is the code of which country.

What is the exact format of numbers in Germany? 

Almost all of the phone numbers in Germany come in the same format. Germany has an area code number. But it’s not about the geography. Don’t think that it’s an area code. It’s a code for network providers like 0162 for Vodafone, 0176 for O2 and 0171 for Telekom. The mobile phone numbers are portable. Generally, mobile phone numbers have five or four digits. 

For example, a number in Germany can be like this +491718907655. If anyone wants to call out of Germany, have to add +49. On the other hand, when you are calling from Germany to Germany, you can’t drop the country code. The country code is the same for the calls in any location. Even if you call from any area in Germany to any other coup try, the country code will remain the same. 

How can I find a phone number in Germany?

There were days when people used massive directory phone books to search for phone numbers. In Germany, it exists still now. But there is a bit of change because of the digital systems. From the, you can search for anyone’s number in Germany. If you don’t want to find the number on Google, you can find it this way. 

Is there any emergency call phone number in Germany? 

Two types of emergency call numbers exist in Germany. You can call 110 for the police call. And you can call at 112 for the medical or the firefighters. If you are not in any emergency, don’t call this number. The operators in the number talk in German or English. The number 112 is also used as an emergency number all over Europe. 

One thing you should keep in mind is that it will charge a higher cost when you call from one country to another country. It will charge a higher cost. The total cost will be charged by the telephone company itself. 

Final thoughts 

Hope that you have got enough idea for how to write & dial German phone numbers 49 is the code of which country. If you are in Germany now, you can simply get a number here. Either get a SIM card or a phone contract. For the landline phone number, you must sign up for the home internet contract. Keep in touch with the promotional offers from the mobile phone company. You can contact your friends and family living outside of germany.

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