Ausbildung in Germany A to Z Guidelines Everything you need to know 2024

If you are thinking about starting your profession in Germany, Ausbildung can be the right option for you. Germany is already known for its excellent education system. It can be the best destination for students who want persuit their higher study or enroll in the Ausbildung in Germany. It’s one of the most competitive programs for professionals. The learners can expect a bright future. Ausbildung program has many options for the learners including engineering, health care, law, information technology, and law.

Students are provided with the proper training and education before they enter the workplace. 

If you don’t know how to start, this article is going to be the right place to get an overall idea of everything that you need to know. 

What is Ausbildung in Germany?

Ausbildung is like an apprenticeship program. In Germany, it’s a vocational training program that includes both technical learning and theoretical learning. Even non-German individuals can complete this program. The duration of the program is about two or three years. At the end of the program, the trainee will receive a certificate for the completion of the program. When any of the German company accepts an individual as an Ausbildender, you will get a contract and have to work like an apprentice. The individual has to attend the training school in Germany. 

Ausbildung in Germany aims to make you fit for a profession. You can learn in class and work. The trainee will be able to get an opportunity to learn in the education system of Germany. The program opens the door for people of various professions. Once you complete the program, you can start to work for a full-time job. Participants normally get jobs after the program. For some individuals, this program can be a turning point in their career. The program gives a chance to the learners to gain more knowledge while working with real-life experience. They have a chance of earning from the day they start the program. 

The most interesting fact about this program is that the trainee will get a salary, no need to pay extra fees, an opportunity to gain more knowledge, chance to live permanently in Germany. 

Types of Ausbildung in Germany:

School-based vocational training ( Schulische Ausbildung ) 

This type of vocational training doesn’t need to be in a company. The training takes place in a school or college. Trainees don’t learn from a company. But they will learn full time in a school. To learn from a school, you must have a visa. Students from EU countries don’t need visas. In this type of training, students have a chance to gain more theoretical knowledge. It’s called Schulische ausbildung. It includes training in the social and health sector. This type of Ausbildung comprises of some I individual training areas design, technology, health care, and foreign languages. 

Note that school-based Ausblidung don’t pay a salary so if you come from outside of Germany you must have show block account money like university students.

List of school based ausbildung : 

  • Healthcare :
  • Geriatric nurses, physiotherapists, speech therapists
  • Social services : 
  • Social assistant, educators
  • Design: 
  • Fashion designer, media designer, graphic designer
  • Technology: 
  • Pharmaceutical technical assistant, IT assistant
  • Foreign languages : 
  • Interpreter
  • Most of them are –  Educators, social assistants

List of Ausbildung Programme here :

Dual education -(Duale Ausbildung )

It’s a common type of Ausbildung in Germany. It comprises both internship and vocational training in Germany. As its name indicates this dual training program includes internships also. The training takes about two days only. Dual education programs comprise these areas of training such as industry and trade banking, craft, public service, liberal profession, and agriculture.

That means you go to work along with school, 3 days work 2 days school in a week like that.

Companies pay a minimum amount average of 1000 euros starting and increasing.

What is the purpose of Ausbildung?

It’s a dual training mode that will lead you to success for decades. A learner has an opportunity to learn what they might be interested in and they will be paid for learning the skills. However, there are several prerequisites that a learner needs to fulfill. One of the advantages of Ausbildung in Germany is that both people from Germany and non-German can apply for this program to gain real-life knowledge. The skills and experience a student can gain from this program can not be gained from any other program. Learners from different professions like banking, information technology, healthcare, electrical, and business can apply to build a successful career. In the end, they will get a recognized certificate. It will add value and make them proficient in the job market. 

What documents are required for applying to the Ausbildung program in Germany?

If anyone wants to apply for Ausbildung in Germany, they need the school certificate,  passport copy, reference letter, and CV and must know the German language( minimum B1 ). The authority has given easier instructions to the trainee. They don’t need any language certificate. But you must have German language proficiency.. The language skills will be evaluated during the interview and visa application process. But instead of that, you might be thinking about how to do Ausbildung and how you can make yourself prepared for the program. This section tells you the details of your preparation on how to do Ausbildung. The documents for this program will depend on the region of the trainee, the selected program, and the training school. 

Ausbildung in Germany requirements:

  • Updated resume
  • Cover letter
  • Educational papers
  • Internship experience
  • Work experience certificate

Updated resume :

Like any other professional training, this program requires an updated CV ( lebenslaufs ). You should include every detail of your educational and professional background in your CV. Prepare the CV in a way that anyone gets an idea of your skills and expertise. 

Cover letter: 

Write a cover letter to the employer to elaborate on your thoughts and goals. 

Educational papers ( Schulabschluss ): 

You must attest to all of the educational documents. Attest the high school certificate, diploma or degree certificate. It’s better if you can provide the documents translated into the German language. If you have done school in Germany you need a minimum first school certificate ( Hauptschulabschluss )

Internship experience ( Praktikum Zeugnis)

It’s compulsory to do internships here in Germany, where students start doing internships when they are in 8 classes.

Work experience certificate (Berufserfahrung )

If you have worked in any institutions or companies, you have to attach your work experience letter. Don’t forget to include your experience details in the CV. 

Ausbildung program duration in Germany:

Normally the Ausbildung in Germany lasts for around three years. However good performance and good grades can reduce the time duration of the program. But it will take at least 2.5 years to complete the program. The time duration to complete the program will depend on different reasons like the company, training school, or the department.  But one of the crucial facts to consider for the eligibility of the program is the language skills. An individual must have to know the German language. The excellent performance in the first year of the program can reduce the time duration of the program. Some of the trainees show outstanding performance in the examinations. 

What are the language requirements for Ausbildung? 

As you are thinking about how to do Ausbildung, one of the major facts that may come to mind is the language requirement for the Ausbildung program. Mainly the language a trainee needs to know for Ausbildung is German. The training school conducts examinations in the German language. Besides, the training will be in German. On the other hand, people who speak English can participate in training. But mostly the language for communication is German. 

It’s one of the most common prerequisites that German companies check before they hire is communication skills in the German language. In a nutshell, a trainee must have to complete the language requirements before they start the Ausbildung program. Candidates who are skilled at speaking in German will be able to complete the program smoothly. 

Which language level is required for non-EU practitioners?

There are no specific language requirements for Ausbildung in Germany. But mainly a student has to speak and write in German language properly. All of the tests are taken in the German language. A student must have to prove that his language skill is at B1 and B2. Most of the institutions seek this requirement before they recruit. To complete the instructional classes, the institute places much importance on language skills. Students from European countries have to submit their proficiency certificates.  It’s crucial to complete the B1 level. It’s not so tough to complete this level. In the cases of some of the students, they have to complete B2 levels. 

When can I apply for Ausbildung?

 Officially, every year the Ausbildung in Germany starts on the 1st of August. So, being an applicant for Ausbildung in Germany 2023, you should start applying in October-November 2022.

Do i need to attend an Interview for Ausbildung in Germany?

The interview will be held in the German language, that’s why you must prepare yourself well in advance. You must pass the interview in order to get a contract for your Ausbildung from the employer.

What are the benefits of the Ausbildung program? 

Ausbildung in Germany opens the door of opportunity for the trainee that they can’t imagine. There is a high chance of getting better jobs with higher salaries, and even the chance of getting citizenship in Germany. Let’s have a look at the benefits of Ausbildung that you can get if you complete it in Germany. This program is not about the people from Germany, people from other countries can grab this chance. It reduces the gap between practical knowledge and real-life experiences. 

Higher salary : 

A trainee has a chance to get a higher salary once they complete Ausbildung in Germany. Even the salary range can be up to EUR 1500. It’s an increase in some cases of the trainee. It depends on the workplace and their qualifications. 

PR Opportunities

There is a high chance to get citizenship once an individual completes the program. It’s one of the amazing benefits of Ausbildung. Even trainees can get permanent residency. But they have to fulfill some of the requirements including the language requirements. They have to go through a specific process. Though it is time-consuming, there is a higher chance of living as permanent residents. 

Flexible work hours : 

Individuals have a chance to work overtime and earn more. But it will depend on the visa category and the employer’s condition. You must know if your visa has permission to work overtime. The trainee must know the regulations. 

Job Security: 

You will get a chance for a job contract. Job contracts will ensure a higher level of security. The job contract will depend on the workplace also. There is a higher demand for skilled people in the job market. 

Skill advancement : 

Ausbildung in Germany aims to make learners practically skilled. They have a chance to learn a set of skills. It increases the chance of progress in a systematic way to gain potential. A learner will be fully prepared to face the market challenges. 

As it’s a great learning opportunity, this training helps individuals to show skills in the workplace in the most efficient way. Potential workers get priority. As an employee, you will get a chance to show your talents. It’s an ideal program for those who do not only want to gain a degree but also want to be capable of work. 

Final thoughts 

This program is highly potential for the people who aspire to learn and work together. It’s an internationally recognized program to help people gain technical knowledge and implement their knowledge in the workplace. Once you complete the program, you must get a job. It opens the door to building a fantastic career in Germany as well as in other countries. Before you enroll in the program, search properly and update. 


Is Ausbildung widely recognized in Germany?

The Ausbildung program is recognized by all other countries in the world. This professional diploma is highly valued in every country. 

Is it worth doing Ausbildung in Germany?

Of course, most companies give full-time job offers before completing their ausbildung. You can directly have work opportunities where you have done your Ausbildung. There are high chance that students start earning directly after they complete their Ausbildung courses from Germany.

Is it a degree program? 

Ausbildung is not a degree program. It’s a professional certificate program with work experience. 
Are there age limitations to do Ausbildung in Germany?

Are there age limitations to do Ausbildung in Germany?

There is no age limit for the Ausbildungs program

The salary range and total earnings will depend on the employer and the workplace. But if you can show more efficiency at your work, you can expect a higher salary. 

The salary range and total earnings will depend on the employer and the workplace. But if you can show more efficiency at your work, you can expect a higher salary.