10 Best Friendly Neighborhoods in Aachen to Live

10 Best Friendly Neighborhoods in Aachen to Live

Whether you are an immigrant or a German citizen, who wishes to reside in Aachen and explore its neighborhood, there are various interesting places to mention.  Despite being a lesser-known place to relocate in Germany, Aachen serves various packages. Its population is also not that huge; only 250k people. 

This place is prevalent because it is linked with Charles the Great, Roman roots, and an enormous cathedral. You also enjoy its diverse culture since it sits in the western region, bordering the Netherlands and Belgium. This article samples Aachen’s neighboring places that you can live in or explore. Aachen is a home away from home!

List of best places (10 best places to live and what to do)

  1. Pontviertel
  2. Frankenberger
  3. Aachen Mitte
  4. Viktoriaviertel
  5. Aachen Hauptbahnhof
  6. Burtscheid
  7. Kornelimünster
  8. Rothe Erde
  9. Laurensberg
  10. Stolberg
  1. Pontviertel

This place is only a few meters from the Aachen city and you can access it via the outer ring road. It also borders RWTH Aachen University; the only higher institution of education in the city. 

Its largest population is formed by students since it can accessed by walking. Hence, it’s suitable for people with fixed budget. At the west, there is also the busiest railway station in the city.  

Restaurants like Lai Thai and Yan Tasty serves mouth-watering international cuisine. You won’t have difficulties in finding grocery stores to make your own meals or eat; based on your budget. 


If you love tourist life, then Frankenberger should be your dream place. It sits along the outer ring road. If you have a family, opt for this place since it has various pleasant parks like Burger, Kennedy, and Frankenberger Park. 

Frankenberger is also close the Rothe Erde Railway station, meaning that you can easily access the city. Cafes and restaurants like FUCHS are known for offering mid-exploring break and snacks. 

The place is also known for its open and green spaces, ideal for your young kids and the entire family. 

Aachen Mitte

This is the heart of the city, more so if you are versed in the German dialect. It is the most suitable place for people with a tourist lifestyle. This section is surrounded by a huge UNESCO-listed cathedral. 

Other things to expect in this place include; the Puppenbrunnen fountain, city hall, and lots of monuments and museums. 

There are also great restaurants and cafes with varied delicacies. So you won’t walk for a long distance to get one. Some of these cafes and restaurants include Café Del Sol, Lulu’s Coffee, Hazzblot, and Sukhothai. 

If you are also a fun of one for the rod, there are bars like The Wingman and Grotesque Absinthe Bar. Party, sightsee, and socialize with wealthy young professionals!


In case you don’t get attracted to Frankenberger and Burtscheid, Viktoriaviertel is the best alternative Aachen neighborhood. This is a place that you can raise kids in and explore some exciting family-friendly outings. 

Most locals refer Viktoriaviertel to as Burtscheid, but they differ though they’re so close to each other. In fact the three forms a district. 

This should be your first place to consider, more so if you are a newbie. Accessing the place is straightforward since it’s located a few miles from the Aachen City. Hence, it is a walking distance from the center. 

Nightlife lovers also find this place interesting and safety.  Viktoriaviertel offers low-key bars and classic cocktail zones. There are also perks like green spaces, little zoo, biggest schools (Maria Montessori School) and a caravan park. They all make your life interesting!

Aachen Hauptbahnhof

Here is another place in Aachen known as the central station. It is located some few miles from the Aachen City and can be accessed by the southeast outer ring road. 

It doesn’t matter whether you need to travel very early or late in the evening. There are lots of public transport choices like regional train, bus, etc. However, you can still access it by walking. 

Hauptbahnhof remains a perfect short-time residential place; ideal for prolonged vacation or backpacking trip around Europe. There are highest numbers of hostels, hotels plus other accommodations you may require in a city. 


If you have a family and find Frankenberger overcrowded or just unsuitable for you, then Burtscheid is the perfect alternative. It sits a few meters from the Aachen Central Station hence, a good place to reside in. 

The main reason to live in this Aachen neighborhood is due to its Aachener Tierpark Euregiozoo. Your family will have great time checking in this area. 

Your kids will find it interesting to visit the Aachen Zoo and watch wild animals like Zebras, Ostriches, Camels as well as Petting Zoo and Pony rides. 

A picturesque lake is also located at the centre, which you can tour with the aid of a guider. 


If you want to spare yourself from a busy Aachen City or you’re just in love with a quiet life, then Kornelimünster should be your choice. 

The region is located 6 miles southeast of the city. It might not be suitable for people with regular visits to the City.

Despite being a town on its own, accessing the place is simple with the help of the available public transportation system. The regular buses in this place only takes something like 25 minutes to the Aachen city. 

If you are a fan of outdoor adventures, Kornelimünster is a paradise. It is equipped with a cycling route (Vennbahn), enrooting to major cycling trails and hiking routes like the Eifelsteig and Eifel National Park. 

Rothe Erde

Here is another Aachen neighborhood that serves lots of goodies like green spaces, Turkish food, affordable housing, and good cycling. You get all of these packs from one place. 

Based on the locals’ opinions, Rothe Erde is quite disorganized and dirtier compared to other regions of the city. But, still has got lots of perks. 

Living in this place is very cheap than in other parts, more so the city’s central regions. Rothe Erde is worth to consider if you don’t wish to splash a lot of cash on accommodation. 

Besides, it remains one of the best places for non-Germany in Aachen. This means that if you are a non-local, making new friends in this place will be a breeze. There are also restaurants that offer lip-smacking cheap Arabic food. 


It is best for a residential lifestyle. The place is founded at the Aachen city’s northwestern outskirts. Laurensberg is popular for being a classy place since it’s unpolluted, clean, safe, and homing financially stable families. 

Your young kids have got many reasons to reside in this place due to its plenty of schools, green spaces, supermarkets, plus other social amenities. Besides, accessing this neighborhood from Aachen city is only 2 miles. You can even stroll and save a few coins. 

Fortunately, Laurensberg might not be suitable for youthful lifestyle. This is because it offers a few restaurants and cafes. Also, if you are a fun of one for the rod, the place doesn’t offer any nightclubs or bars. 


If you are in love with History things, then Stolberg should be your place to live in. It was once a settlement, homing miners; the origin of its Stollen (mining) name. It was rich in mineral like silver, gold, copper, and iron. 

The place is versed with alleys and winding streets, monuments and squares. Besides, water is not a problem wince there is river Vicht. 

Many of its houses are historical. They were renovated and restored to house a good number of tenants. So if you want a place that gives you a clear picture of Aachen city, Stolberg is on a hill. 

Final thoughts

There you have the 10 best places to live in Aachen City. The above places offer various perks for enhanced experience. Whether it’s a short vacation or a prolonged stay, one from our list should attract you.

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