1-Year Duration Ausbildung Courses List in Germany

1-year duration Ausbildung courses list in Germany

In Germany, vocational training programs (Ausbildungen) typically last around 2 to 3 years, and it’s uncommon to find apprenticeships that are precisely one year in duration. However, there are some shorter programs and training courses that may last about a year. Here’s a list of professions and training programs that might fall in or around the 1-year timeframe in Germany:

List of 1 year course Ausbildung in Germany

  • Assistant Cook (Kochhilfe)
  • Pharmacy Assistant (Pharmazeutisch-kaufmännische Angestellte/r)
  • Retail Salesperson (Verkäufer/in)
  • Office Management Assistant (Bürokaufmann/-frau)
  • Hairdresser (Friseur/in)
  • IT Specialist (Fachinformatiker/in) – System Integration
  • IT Specialist (Fachinformatiker/in) – Application Development
  • Hotel Specialist (Hotelfachmann/-frau)
  • Baker (Bäcker/in)
  • Confectioner (Konditor/in)
  • Health Care Assistant (Gesundheits- und Krankenpflegehelfer/in)
  • Assistant Gardener (Gärtnerhelfer/in)
  • Restaurant Specialist (Fachmann/-frau für Systemgastronomie)
  • Dental Assistant (Zahnmedizinische Fachangestellte/r)
  • Butcher (Fleischer/in)
  • Event Manager (Veranstaltungskaufmann/-frau)
  • Media Designer (Mediengestalter/in) – Digital and Print
  • Social Service Assistant (Sozialassistent/in)
  • Textile and Fashion Tailor (Textil- und Modeschneider/in)
  • Warehouse Logistics Specialist (Fachkraft für Lagerlogistik)
  • Plumbing and Heating Installer (Anlagenmechaniker/in – Sanitär, Heizung, Klima)
  • Electrician (Elektroniker/in) – Energy and Building Technology
  • Automotive Sales Specialist (Automobilkaufmann/-frau)
  • Banking and Finance Clerk (Bankkaufmann/-frau)
  • Marketing Communications Specialist (Kaufmann/-frau für Marketingkommunikation)
  • IT Assistant (IT-Systemelektroniker/in)
  • Food Technologist (Lebensmitteltechniker/in)
  • Welder (Schweißer/in)
  • Medical Laboratory Assistant (Medizinisch-technische Laboratoriumsassistent/in)
  • Restaurant Cook (Koch/in)
  • Graphic Designer (Grafikdesigner/in)
  • Digital Marketing Specialist (Kaufmann/-frau für Marketingkommunikation – Digital)
  • Retail Management Assistant (Kaufmann/-frau im Einzelhandel)
  • Refrigeration Technician (Kälteanlagenbauer/in)
  • Warehouse Specialist (Fachlagerist/in)
  • Carpenter (Tischler/in)
  • Industrial Mechanic (Industriemechaniker/in)
  • Electronics Technician (Elektroniker/in) – Industrial Engineering
  • Hotel and Restaurant Specialist (Fachkraft im Gastgewerbe)
  • Mechanical Engineering Technician (Maschinenbautechniker/in)
  • Chemical Laboratory Technician (Chemielaborant/in)
  • Visual Merchandiser (Warenpräsentator/in)
  • Sound Technician (Tontechniker/in)
  • CNC Machinist (Zerspanungsmechaniker/in)
  • Insurance and Finance Specialist (Versicherungskaufmann/-frau)
  • Human Resources Clerk (Personaldienstleistungskaufmann/-frau)
  • Textile Cleaner (Textilreiniger/in)
  • Social Education Worker (Sozialpädagogische/r Assistent/in)
  • Surveying Technician (Vermessungstechniker/in)
  • Mechatronics Technician (Mechatroniker/in)


These are examples of professions and training programs in Germany that might have a duration of approximately one year or thereabouts. Keep in mind that the availability and specific requirements of these programs can vary by region and may change over time, so it’s essential to check with local vocational schools and employers for the most up-to-date information.

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