Requirements for Ausbildung Program in Germany for Foreigners

Requirements for Ausbildung in Germany

It’s a dream for thousands of students to study in Germany. Besides an aspiring dream to study in Germany, many students become worried about the tuition fees. But there is a secret for the international students who are interested in applying for the Ausbildung program in Germany. Not only the low cost but also a free tuition fees study opportunity. 

As an international student, it’s not so easy to study in the Ausbildung program in Germany without the right guidelines. But this article will explain the details of the requirements for Ausbildung in Germany and the entire procedure. 

How do you define the Ausbildung program in Germany? 

Ausbildung program in Germany plays a huge role in the education system of Germany. Ausbildung program is a vocational training program that is designated for two years. This program is a combination of practical and theoretical learning for the students. Students have a chance to gain practical knowledge within these 2 to 3 years. This program leads to a permanent job opportunity determined by the companies. 

The government of Germany highly encourages the Ausbildung program for students who aspire to gain practical knowledge. Individuals from different professions apply for the Ausbildung program including specialistslist, Medtroengineersring, nurses, and PhPharmacists many students were offered permanent jobs after the completion of the program. It’s an effective way for a successful career. Individuals who want to develop their technical skills and practical knowledge. It’s better to take suggestions from any advisor before an individual applies because you can’t be sure which program is the best one before applying.  

What are the requirements for Ausbildung in Germany? 

Generally, there are no specific requirements for the program. But if any of the international students want to apply, they must have a good command of the German language. A certificate with a B1 level is a must. It’s better if you fulfill all of the requirements before you apply. 

General academic requirements for Ausbildung program in Germany

  • An individual must complete the 12th grade of his education before applying for the Ausbildung program. 
  • A job visa is needed 
  • The age limit for the individuals must be from 18 to 30
  • Participants must hold a residency permit in Germany
  • Individuals must be proficient in the German language

Once you have determined that you will go for the Ausbildung program in Germany, you must need your leaving certificate from the school, passport, visa, resume, reference letter, financial statement, health insurance documents, and German language certificate for proof of language proficiency. 

Financial requirements

There can be various financial requirements for the Ausbildung program. But keep in mind that it may cost around euro 700 to euro 800 for every month. But the yearly salary can be around euro 700 for an individual. You don’t need to submit papers for bank statements while you apply for the program. But you need to show a sponsorship letter while applying. 

Important paperwork

As an international student, you need to submit some papers to apply for the Ausbildung program. When you are going to fill out the application form and make an appointment, make sure you have some papers including your training contract, motivation letter, CV, three copies of passport size photo, and passport data page one copy. Don’t copy the training plan from others. Because it will reflect your thoughts in this paper. Besides, you must have your passport, visa, health insurance, and accommodation proof. 

Language requirements

There are no specific requirements for language proficiency in Germany. A student must know how to speak, read, and write in the German language. For international students, you have to submit a language certificate also. 

What are the benefits for a student of the Ausbildung program? 

You already have an idea of the benefits of the Ausbildung program in Germany. You can get monthly payments while studying. You can study without any tuition fees as it’s free for the students. The program leads to a work permit for the long term. Let’s have a look at the core benefits of this program. 

Affordable cost

For the Ausbildung program, it’s tuition-free for the students. You can study without paying the tuition fees. You just have to pay your living costs. 

Part-time work opportunity

Students in the Ausbildung program have a chance to earn their living expenses with the earnings from their jobs. Students are allowed to work beside their studies. While they are working, it will cover a percentage of their living cost. 

Fit for market challenges

As the students are getting practical knowledge and theoretical learning, they can make themselves fit to face the market challenges. 

Permanent residency

As you will get the working opportunity besides study, you can get a permanent residency. Individuals who complete a two-year program in Germany can apply for PR in Germany. 

Is it mandatory to learn the German language? 

in a word, the answer is YES. As you are applying for a program in Germany, it is a requirement for you. Even the students who know English well, it’s also a requirement for them. Because they have to talk to their lecturers and classmates in the German language. Besides, there is an opportunity for the students to continue the job besides study. Even companies will not appoint students who don’t know the German language well. However, students who have proficiency in the German language can enjoy extra benefits. If you think that you are proficient in the German language, this program is appropriate for you. 

Final thought 

If you have decided to study in Germany without tuition fees, the Ausbildung program is highly recommended for you. Ausbildung program in Germany is a well-known program for people not only in Germany but also from other countries. This program makes a student fit for the professional job market and faces the challenges. When an individual completes the program of 3.5 years, he has a chance to get a job. It’s not easier to enroll for the program in a foreign country but it’s easier if you know every detail before. 

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