How to do Ausbildung in Germany from Bangladesh


Ausbildung program is one of the amazing ways to gain a professional degree in Germany. It’s a great opportunity for students from Bangladesh to complete a program in Germany. This vocational training program comprises both theoretical and practical knowledge.  The program lasts for around 3 to 4 years. The program has specific requirements. But it depends on the previous qualifications of the participants. You can think that you are not eligible for the program as a Bangladeshi. But you will be surprised to know that Bangladeshi students can apply for this program. Even you don’t need a university degree. 

Germany is one of the favorite destinations for all over the world especially South Asian students like Bangladesh. India, Pakistan. There are so many reasons behind like No tuition fees,100%scholarship, well research, and standard education. But people don’t have a proper idea of how to do Ausbildung in Germany from Bangladesh. This article will answer all of the questions for you. 

What is Ausbildung? 

Ausbildung is a program which is a combination of both practical and theoretical knowledge.  It’s a way to receive a qualification and get a craft and trade-oriented job. Most of the people come from the profession like bankers, nurses, electricians, nurses, and bakers. But in every different field, you will see people from Ausbildung Professionals. The certificate obtained from this program will be recognized in other countries. The trainees have to complete the entire program. 

It is well-structured training for the participants and they get a chance to learn from the specialized vocational training institutions. More than 300 professionals joined for Ausbildung program including bankers, nurses, electricians, and engineers. The program is highly recognized for the students in Germany from other countries like Bangladesh. The trainee receives recognition for the completion of the program. The program has a high potential to add value to the career and face real-life challenges. The program aims at reducing the pressure on the academic degree. Ausbildung is one of the most popular programs in Germany to create a pathway to build a career in the German industry. 

If you want to learn more about it, we have a detailed blog post A to Z Ausbildung guide.

Will I get payment during the Ausbildung program? 

Most of the students will be paid during the program. If you pick this program to get more financial support for your life, this program is the right choice for you. You might be thinking about the salary range during the program. The salary range is not bad at all. Every month on average, you have a chance to get a payment of around 600 EUR to over 1000 EUR. But the trainee allowance will depend on the profession also. Besides, trainees get additional benefits like food, transportation tickets, and discounts.

The engineers and nurses have a chance to be paid EUR1100 from their first Ausbildung year. The range of salary increases in every year. Once you complete the first year of your program, it will be increased. But a small range of salary can be deducted for income tax. But when you complete the program, you can join full-time work works and get a good salary. 

Professional programs gained in Germany are widely recognized in Germany and other countries. The participants have come up with a bureaucratic process. In the workplace, participants have to work with the citizens of Germany.

What are the requirements to apply for Ausbildung from Bangladesh to Germany?

  • The age limit is from 18 to 35 years. 
  • Resume in Europass format ( Lebenslauf )
  • German language B1 is a must requirement. 
  • Academic results in SSC 2.5 and HSC 2.5 at least.

But firstly, you have to make ready the paperwork. Besides, it’s better if you can translate your documents. 

How can you apply for Ausbildung from Bangladesh in Germany? 

Don’t be upset if you don’t know how you will apply from Bangladesh for Ausbildung in Germany. A student normally has to go through several steps to apply in the right way. We have put together the necessary steps here:

Find the right program 

Once you don’t know which program you should apply, you can’t start. First conduct a little research to fix the program suitable for you. 

Language proficiency

The workplace where the trainee will work must be a German environment. The program requires the German language. There will be a language proficiency test for you.

Prepare documents 

Documents for application are the most important part of your application. Prepare all of your documents including your educational certificate, CV, cover letter, and language certificate if you have them.  

Search employers 

You have to search for a company or employer who will hire you. You can search on the official websites, agencies, or job links. 

Application process 

From Bangladesh, you can apply directly to Germany for the Ausbildung program. In the case of some companies, you can apply through the application form. Some companies can ask you to fill up an application form. 

Interview session

While you apply to any of the companies, you will get to invitation for an interview. It’s a part of their selection process. note that the complete interview sessions will be in the German language. so you should have a good command of the German language. if you have a minimum B1 level of German it will be okay.

Visa application 

Once you get a contract, you have to apply for a valid visa. You have to contact the German embassy for the visa application.  

Once you receive your visa, you are about to travel to Germany. Before you start, ensure that you know every regulation in Germany. Confirm your accommodation before coming to Germany. And know the work schedule properly. 

There can be differences between the Ausbildung program and the owner of the company. You must check the official website, the requirements, and the details on the website before you apply from Bangladesh.

How to apply for a visa from Bangladesh

Based on the selection, you have to apply for a visa. Ensure that you have prepared all of the financial documents. You must prepare all of the documents before you apply for a visa. 

Ausbildung in Germany from Bangladesh salary range :

The German government has stated that this program should not be considered as a source of income for the trainees. The industry decides the range of salary of a trainee. If you apply for the Ausbildung program in Germany from Bangladesh, your salary range will be about EUR1000 to EUR1500 every month. The food cost and accommodation costs can be free sometimes and they will be provided by the company. After the program, participants will receive a certificate of appreciation. The program is equivalent to Bachelor’s. 

Once a participant completes the program, they will receive a higher salary. Besides, you have a chance to get permanent residence and citizenship. Any of the participants who fulfill these requirements can apply for asylum in Germany. This program is mainly for students who have a keen interest in technical work. 

If any participant is not interested in applying for a bachelor’s or master’s program, this program might be the right one for them. Even people who are worried about getting a job after their bachelor’s or master’s program can apply for this program. They will surely get a job after completing the program. 

When you can apply for the Ausbildung program from Bangladesh in Germany? 

Nearly about 330 programs of Ausbildung are available on the website. People from different professions can apply for the Ausbildung program. As a participant from Bangladesh, you don’t need to worry about the program or the subjects. Besides, there is no specific time to apply for this program. Most of the time the program starts in September and sometimes it starts in October. Make sure that you apply before September and October. Every participant must apply as soon as possible. 

If you completely prepare your documents, you can search for the company you want to work with. You can apply from Bangladesh. 

What are the language requirements for Bangladeshi students? 

Most of the time, the Ausbildung program requires German language proficiency. The entire program complete theoretical base. There can be a requirement of B1. There will be highly difficult requirements for levels be show the German language proficiency certificate.

What is the duration of the program? 

It depends on the profession you choose. Normally the program lasts for 3 years. You can enroll in both the short programs and long training programs. If you already know some of the parts of your program, it can be completed in a short time. The trainees have a chance to learn 50% at school and 50% during the training. The German company will hire the students during the training program. Even they can offer to sign a contract with the company. 

What are the job opportunities after the Aausbildung program? 

Once you have completed the program, you are about to start the amazing chapter. You can start working like a full-time professional. While you start working, you will find the practical use of learnings in your program. You have a chance to work as a medical assistant, mechatronics technician, bank clerk, IT specialist, nursing, and action specialist. And there is a chance of getting a higher range of salary. Even the salary can increase based on the performance. Sometimes the increments rise. 

The work opportunity opens the door for you to learn practical things. It’s a key to a better career opportunity. It’s a career-oriented program and creates further opportunities in the future. The hands-on experience makes a person fit for the challenges of the real world. A set of skills builds a strong foundation. 

For Bangladeshi students, there is a chance to work for 10 hours every week. As a Bangladeshi student, if you are studying, you can still work for 10 hours a week. Besides, you will receive an allowance. The allowance will depend on the employer and the field of your study. 

What are the benefits of the Ausbildung program for Bangladeshi students? 

If a Bangladeshi student studies in Germany, he can receive so many unique benefits. The unique opportunities will make your learning more effective and more enjoyable. 

Standard education

Most of the universities in Germany are the top-ranked universities in the world. Now you can guess about the high-quality education in Germany. Students have a chance to study several subjects. Besides it paves the way to a high profession. 

Competitive market

Because of the economic balance, the job market is competitive. You have to be better prepared to enter the job market. But ensure that you can speak the German language properly. Besides, a student has to make a good connection with others to face market challenges. 

Research opportunity :

There are so many research institutions in Germany. Even when you are studying, you can get better research opportunities. You have a chance to grow your skills in your preferred fields. It’s a pathway to be connected to the industry leaders.

Final thoughts 

It’s a nice opportunity for students of Bangladesh who want to build a career in the technical line. The program helps to build a strong career. This program leads to permanent residency for students. Students from Bangladesh can apply for the Ausbildung program in Germany. It’s a great chance for Bangladeshi students to start a career in the technical sector. 


When I can apply for Ausbildung? 

Answer: before nine months of starting the program, you can apply for the Ausbildung program. Most of the time, the program starts on 1st August. 

Do I have any future in Germany? 

Answer: After completing this program, students get. Certificate. It leads to permanent residency for them. Residents in Germany are eligible for free education and medical services. It’s a great chance for anyone who wants to build a career in Germany. 

What is the eligibility for the program? 

Answer: At least an HSC pass or equivalent result is required for this program. Besides, proficiency in the German language B1 is a must.

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