5 Things to Consider Before Living in Germany as an American


Living in Germany as an American -Things to Consider Before Moving

For years, Germany remains the most preferable dream European country for expats. The country is known not only for its lots of job opportunities but also excellent infrastructure. There are a lot of goodies in Germany that will attract and convince you to move in.

However, living in Germany is associated with some challenges like the language barrier. So, whether you made the right decision or not will be known through this article. The article provides essential information on the experience of some Americans living in Germany.

Pros and cons of living in Germany as an American

Living in Germany comes with both advantages and disadvantages. This section should therefore help you examine both sides before making a final decision. Have a look at the following pros and cons;

Advantages of living in Germany

  • Good communication
  • Easy access to other countries in Europe
  • Low living cost
  • Great work-life balance
  • Locals are punctual and disciplined
  • Impressive public transport options
  • Excellent standard of healthcare
  • Free Education System

Good communication

Germans tend to use the English language in their daily activities. This is a clear indication that the language barrier is a minor problem. I say so because most Germans use English, favoring a newly arrived expat.
English is made official to be used in various service-providing places like learning institutions, health centers, and offices.

Easy access to other countries in Europe

Many foreigners find it enjoyable living in Deutschland since it’s very easy to move to other European nations. Meaning of traversing to these countries are also readily available i.e., a bus, a car, or on a train. You will get a completely different experience within a matter of hours.
Your weekend trips are therefore sorted. Use this opportunity to get yourself into countries like Belgium, the Czech Republic, and France.

Low living cost

Overall, living cost in Germany is affordable compared to other countries in Western Europe. Getting basic needs such as electricity, food, clothing, and internet is relatively affordable. Also, apart from Frankfurt and Munich cities, accommodation is highly affordable in other cities; based on where you want to live.
This is totally different from the US’s coastal cities, not forgetting other European countries.

Great work-life balance

Americans working in Germany are entitled to an impressive work-life balance. Some great cities like Berlin, Hamburg, and Munich appear among the top ten livable cities in Germany. Besides, the country boasts more flexible working hours.
They are also considerate when it comes to work and family. Their family comes first! So, you must create time to chat with your family; not unless you don’t have one around.

Locals are punctual and disciplined

Any foreigners who have been in Germany can attest to how Germans are punctual and disciplined. They are taken as rigid fellows with their norms culture; and way of doing things. However, after a few years or months in the country, you will realize that work culture, refreshing, and general life experience are improved due to their rigidness.

Impressive public transport options

Germany is endowed with good roads and airports to facilitate easy movement. Many foreigners who have been there affirm that roads have good drainage systems. Besides, they are wide enough to cater to the needs of everyone. An interesting part of it is the availability of the cyclist side; get a bike and maneuver around the city.
Also getting to airports is straightforward with the help of the state-of-the-art feeder roads. Renting a vehicle is another great option here; as long as you have a driving license.

Excellent standard of healthcare

Germany’s healthcare system is the best, enriched with developed modern technology. in these hospitals, most of the workers can fluently speak English. Hence, the chances of a language barrier is minimized.
More so, the attendants are not only friendly but also efficient. At least you are assured of getting quality services on time.

Free Education System for all

Germany is the Land of a free education system for all, particularly in the realm of higher education or Ausbildung (vocational training), which embodies a transformative promise. By removing financial barriers, it ensures equitable access to advanced learning opportunities. In the context of higher education, this initiative cultivates a society where talent and ambition, rather than economic status, shape one’s academic trajectory. It fosters a diverse pool of skilled professionals, driving innovation and progress across industries. Similarly, the Ausbildung system empowers individuals with practical skills, aligning education with market demands and creating a robust, adaptable workforce. These accessible pathways not only enhance personal growth but also contribute significantly to societal development, fostering a more inclusive and prosperous future for all.

Disadvantages of living in Germany

  • Language barrier
  • Bland food
  • Extra income tax deduction
  • Locals seem not friendly
  • Strict rules
  • Getting health insurance coverage can be hectic

Language barrier

Even though Germans fluently speak the English language, they are generally reluctant to use the language on their side. This is normal for anyone who values his/her origin and culture. Some of them fear embarrassment that may be a result of speaking English. Others become reluctant, terming it as a change that they don’t want.
Besides, learning the German language is not a walk in the park. It is difficult to grasp those words, but worth it for long-term expats.

Bland Food

Germany is famous for its delicious Pretzels and excellent beer, but all other cuisines can limited. Expats from other European nations may not easily realize this, but those from bizarre countries may find it hard to adapt to these meals.
The meals consist of potatoes and bread. The combination seems not edible to some expats.

Extreme income tax deduction

The most experienced disadvantage of living in Deutschland is the high level of taxation. The tax is deducted from your salary based on the gross pay. The tax can stretch up to something like 40% of the pay. The high-income tax is used by the government to subsidize essential services like free healthcare and free education.

Working in Germany can be miserable compared to the US. Life can be made tougher in this country due to the high cost of living. The standards that have been set by the government can also make it hard for Americans to adapt to German life.

Locals seem not friendly

Americans living in Germany find it hard to interact with Germans. They frame them as not welcoming people. Everyone minds his/her own business. But this is the culture of people living in most cities in the world.
However, this is discouraging to newly arrived expats. The only way to socialize with the Germans was by learning their culture; and language. It’s through this language that you can utter words like hi, and thank you, among others.

Strict rule

There are multiple strict subjects for cyclists in any German city. Failure to follow these rules can land you in bad relationships with other users. Besides, the action can attract fines from traffic authorities. More so, if not careful, the vehicle tends to utilize cyclists’ lanes because of their own reasons. This means that your bike may end up getting hit by a vehicle.

Getting Health insurance coverage can be hectic

The government may take several months to process your insurance coverage. Besides, the German government may delay remunerating medical doctors, destabilizing hospital services. You are therefore likely to seek health services from private doctors or institutions, which is quite expensive.

Continue reading to get comprehensive information on what it feels like to live in Germany as an American.

Is it worth moving to Germany as an American?

Yes, especially for Americans. There are a lot of goodies that you can benefit from like great living standards and job opportunities. The most available opportunities include; a skilled worker with science, a technical, and a Health background.
Another reason that makes sense when you move to Deutschland is that the English language is spoken widely, throughout the country. As if that is enough, your safety, free education, quality healthcare, and stellar transportation are guaranteed when you move to Germany.
However, even though there are several reasons to migrate to Germany, it’s worth noting that Germany’s weather is not suitable for those looking for a warm climate. Besides, learning the German language is also hectic, taking you several years to adapt to your new home.

Is life in Germany better than in the US?

Recently, Germany has become one of the best European Countries that everyone wants to live in. Many people have flooded the Visa issuance departments in their countries to get permission to move and live in Germany. These people find a lot of advantages to moving to Germany over other countries.
They were living in Germany as an American subjects you to various benefits like job opportunities, great healthcare services, and an excellent education system with affordable tuition expenses. Many Americans move and live in Germany because of such reasons.
For Americans, it’s worth noting that changes are inevitable and you should always learn to adapt. Living in Germany will therefore take some time; this should be your anticipation. Adjusting to new norms, cultures, and customs is always a must.

Expats that moved to Germany, Do you regret it?

The most regret of living in Germany is the high level of taxation. The tax is deducted from your salary based on the gross pay. The tax can stretch up to something like 40% of the pay. The high-income tax is used by the government to subsidize essential services like free healthcare and free education.
Americans living in Germany find it hard to interact with Germans. They frame them as not welcoming people. Everyone minds his/her own business. But this is the culture of people living in most cities in the world.

How many Americans live in Germany?

According to Wikipedia 300,000 – 400,000 Americans live in Germany. Among them, 200,000 live in Rhineland-Palatinate State.

Which German city has the most Americans?

The city is well-known for its cultural flair and is also the largest in Germany in terms of area and population. Berlin has more than 3,769,495 inhabitants, as recorded in 2019. Berlin has more than 19,825 Americans, and Bavaria boasts around 24,895 people sources Quora


Once decisions have been made, it is good to know how to cope up with unpredictable situations. For this reason, most foreigners in Germany have different experiences; some of them won’t even disclose because they are discouraged. Fortunately, this article has shed light on what you should expect when living in Germany.

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