How To Make Friends In Germany As An Expat In 2024

How To Make Friends In Germany

As a foreigner living in Germany, you must make new, genuine friends with whom you can share your good and bad moments. Whether you move to Germany for business, education, or employment, you will always need buddies to hang out with. And provide support through good times and bad. Establishing new ties in a foreign country like Germany could be challenging. When you move to Germany, you will notice that Germans are more aloof than people in other nations. But hold onto some optimism. In this guide, we’ll look at how to make friends in Germany as an expat.

Finding a shared interest and being open to learning about different cultures. And being willing to socialize through in-person or virtual activities is necessary for making friends in Germany. You can join local activities like Stammtisch, internet forums, apps, and classes. A monthly or annual membership fee is needed for specific events, while others may be free.

The Importance Of Making Friends In Another Country

There are introverts and extroverts among us. Additionally, a few of them describe themselves as ambiverts. People always need companions nearby to confide in their native tongue or on a topic of personal interest. It is always beneficial to have company. Even your family believes that this is a good change for you. According to research, two out of every five international students report feeling homesick while studying abroad. It’s critical to get over this emotion since depression results from it. 

10 Advice For How To Make Friends In Germany As An Expat

But worry not! While it may sometimes prove challenging, making new acquaintances in Germany is doable. To help you thrive in your new life in Germany, we suggest how to make friends in Germany as an expat!

1. Recognising German Mentality And Culture

Germany is renowned for its accuracy, effectiveness, and directness. They have a distinct culture and way of thinking that impact interpersonal relationships. German society values orderliness, punctuality, and respect for private space. Anyone hoping to make friends in Germany must comprehend these principles in how Germans interact.

Germans for communicating honestly and directly. They enjoy direct, honest communication and don’t hesitate to voice their ideas. Although external observers may view this candor as harsh, the intention is not to offend. Instead, it is an expression of deference and faith.

2. Learn German Language

There is no denying that the German language is complex. But as millions of individuals have shown, it is learnable. Enroll in a local VHS or language school class, and prepare to work hard. It is an intensive course that meets for four hours every weekday. You must dedicate at least two hours outside class to learning vocabulary to succeed. Completing homework, practicing pronunciation, reviewing material covered in class, and reading German books. And looking for opportunities to speak German with Germans at the bank, the library, the Bahnhof, and other places.

3. Take Part In An English-speaking Group

An English-speaking circle is a terrific way to meet people. And get your foot in the door, even though the primary goal should be to improve your German. and converse with locals in German! Additionally, as they have concerns about English that a native speaker best answers, you can assist them.

You can locate a language partner in such a group. Someone is willing to practice both English and German with you. You can arrange as many meetings as you like, with English and German spoken.

4. Joining Associations And Clubs

An excellent method to make friends in Germany as an expat is by joining clubs, associations, or hobbies:

  • Sports clubs (Vereine): Sports are a big deal to Germans, and getting involved in your community’s sports club can be a great way to meet like-minded individuals. Volleyball, handball, basketball, and soccer are popular sports.
  • Professional networking: You can meet people in your industry or field of study using platforms such as XING and LinkedIn.
  • Cultural establishments: Engage in cultural activities like dance, music, or theatre performances to connect with like-minded individuals.

5. Become A Facebook Group Member

There are a plethora of social groups available on Facebook. You can look for hobby or expat organizations in your area. Take part in three or four local expat organizations; this is a terrific method to network.

6. Participating In Social Events And Activities

You can widen your social circle in Germany by going to events and engaging in social activities:

  • Cultural events: Meet others who are doing the same things you are by going to art exhibitions, plays, concerts, or film festivals. Look for event listings on websites or in local publications.
  • Festivals: Germany is well-known for its many celebrations, including the Fasching Oktoberfest and Christmas markets. Come to these events to meet new people and learn about German culture.
  • University events: Attend workshops and social gatherings. And orientation events hosted by your university or student organization if you’re a student.
  • Networking events: To meet people in your industry and form friendships, join in networking events or workshops.

7. Get to Know Your Neighbours

Make sure to say hello to the folks who live next door once you’ve moved into your new house. You never know; you’ll meet some awesome folks! Together, they commemorate essential occasions like birthdays. Thus, don’t be bashful. In the worst situation, you have already established a positive rapport by introducing yourself to them.

8. Volunteer

Volunteering is a fantastic opportunity to socialize, support the environment, and help you make friends in Germany as an expat. Some companies offer volunteer opportunities in both larger German cities and smaller communities.

It can be challenging to locate a volunteer position for a few hours at a time. Remember to watch for any changes that may arise in Meetup, Facebook Groups, or your neighborhood.


How to make friends in Germany as an expat?

There is a Meetup group for every activity, whether board games, football, or movies. You are free to join the events that interest you and join as many different groups as you choose. Also, you can make your events and organizations! This website, which also has an app, aims to ease meeting new, like-minded individuals. And what better way to strike up a discussion than a shared interest? It’s ideal if you want to meet new people and take up a new interest. 

Professional networking groups exist, so use Meetup if you’re a freelancer. And want to brainstorm and talk to people about your ideas and projects!

10. Make Time With Your Roommates

If you are uncomfortable living with strangers, don’t worry. Living with your roommates is the ideal method to live. And save costs if you are moving without your family in Germany, as only some people move with their family. You will learn German shortly and increase your chances of making new acquaintances. 

Cooking and watching movies together will strengthen your bonds with your roommates. And you never know; one of them might become your lifelong best friend. When you apply, you must represent yourself, be aware of the other residents in the apartment and your roommates, and sign a contract to live there with them.

Germans’ Characteristics As Friends

Germans are distinct from people from other nations and cultures. Let’s study about the unique characteristics of Germans. These could assist you in drawing in Germany, simplifying the process of making friends in Germany.

  • Germans are incredibly diligent and disciplined.
  • Germans have a strong sense of friendship. Thus, you will be friends with them for extended periods.
  • Germans are often more truthful and expect their friends to be the same.
  • Germans are gregarious, upbeat, and full of energy.
  • In Germany, everyone is respectful of other people and their rights.

Activities That Encourage German Friendship

The following activities are essential to meet new people in Germany and build a social network:

  • Learn about the new culture to form more accurate perceptions of Germans.
  • When striking up a discussion with a German, consider talking about the doctor’s visit or your insurance coverage. When they talk about their health problems, listen to them. And comfort them by wishing them a speedy recovery.
  • You have to let folks know when you’re joking when you say something. If not, the Germans could take it seriously.
  • Make an effort to find others who share your interests and activities. Those who share your interests will want to become friends with you.
  • Be prepared to explain everything you say if your German acquaintance asks for clarification after you say something they do not understand.
  • Develop your social skills by attending events. And gatherings both offline and online so you may meet new people.
  • Make new friends in Germany by participating in events, functions, classes, groups, online apps, and other venues.

Things Not To Do If You Want To Make Friends With Germans

It would help if you never did a few things with Germans because they dislike it when people do them. Find out why you should never become friends with Germans by reading on:

  • Germans detest those who laugh at them, so please don’t make fun of them.
  • If a German asks you to explain something, don’t say something you can’t.
  • Never respond quickly to questions posed by Germans. For greater comprehension, try to be precise and explain your response.
  • Saying anything meaningless is not appropriate.

Final Thought

Every culture has its way of defining friendship. To become friends in Germany, one must be persistent and patient and give it time. You will realize it is far simpler to make friends with foreigners than with Germans throughout your stay in Germany. But avoid being mired in your expat bubble! We urge you to explore the world and familiarise yourself with German culture. You never know; a German may end up being your best buddy. With the above discussion, you will know how to make friends in Germany as an expat.


In Germany, How Do Foreigners Make Friends?

  • Friend-Making Strategies in Germany
  • Enrol in a class
  • Cohabitate with other people
  • Pair
  • Facebook Communities
  • Step outside

In Germany, How Do I Make New Friends?

Getting in touch with other foreigners and forming friendships in Germany can be facilitated through international gatherings, expat clubs, and language exchange programs. You can identify local groups and relevant activities by using websites such as and

Are Foreigners Happy In Germany?

It explains why foreigners, with their social lives, find it hard to make friends. Thus, it should come as no surprise that foreigners living in Germany rank among the world’s unhappiest (50th). In Germany, 64% of foreigners are content with their lives, compared to 72% worldwide.

Which Nation Is Germany’s Closest Ally?

Germany’s closest and most significant European partner is France.

In Germany, How Do People Socialize?

Collaborative pursuits like hiking and museum trips are also well-liked.

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