How to Buy a Prepaid SIM Card in Germany for Expat

How to Buy a Prepaid SIM Card in Germany for Expat

Prepaid SIM Cards in Germany

It’s exciting to go to Germany for Higher-Education. But it’s more important to stay connected to the family and friends in the country. The best SIM card in Germany can help you maintain a good connection with your friends and family. It’s essential to get the right SIM card in Germany to lead your journey smoothly. 

If you are an international student in Germany, this guide is a must-read for you to know the best sim card, its benefits, and how to activate the sim. This article might be helpful for you to pick the right one and make a plan to stay longer. As you have reached this article and looking for a sim card in Germany, you must read till the end of the article. This article is for students who don’t have much time to research and need the best SIM card in Germany to stay connected. 

Which is the best SIM card in Germany?

Prepaid SIM cards are the best option for students to stay connected with people. We have picked some of the best SIM cards in Germany here. These are the best picks to go through a smooth network.

Aldi talk

Aldi Talk is the direct competitor of Lidl in the market. Both of them offer the same products almost. This sim card is nice to use if you are staying in the city. But if you decide to stay in the village or rural areas, it’s not recommended for you. This sim card is affordable compared to Vodafone or others. The price range is also affordable for the data plan. If you need to call on Skype or WhatsApp, you should use Aldi Talk internet plans. 

Aldi Talk has established itself as a retail market. It covers the 02 network. 02 network is excellent in the city areas. While you use Aldi Talk, you get more flexibility. Even if you go back to your country, you don’t need to add balance. Aldi Talk offers unlimited calls and texts for its customers including a 3 GB internet package. In the entire month, it will cost around euro 7,99. One of the most expensive plans for Aldi talk is the Paket l. It offers around 12 GB of data. 

You can buy a balance card at the supermarket too. In the cash counters, the balance cards are available.  

Lycamobile: Connecting the World, One SIM at a Time :

In today’s hyper-connected world, staying in touch with loved ones, friends, and colleagues has never been easier, thanks to companies like Lycamobile. Lycamobile is a renowned mobile virtual network operator (MVNO) that offers affordable, high-quality prepaid mobile services to millions of customers around the globe.

With its competitive international call rates and presence in over 20 countries, Lycamobile empowers people to bridge geographical gaps, fostering communication and collaboration. Whether you’re a frequent traveler, an expat, or simply seeking budget-friendly mobile plans, Lycamobile’s commitment to affordability and connectivity makes it a top choice for those seeking a reliable, global mobile experience. Stay connected with Lycamobile and experience the world at your fingertips.

Lidi connect : 

Lidi Connect is one of the SIM cards offered by the supermarket. It’s run by Vodafone which is the biggest network in Germany. This sim card offers fast internet speed and different data plans. The S plan of Lidi Connect offers the biggest plan. This card costs around euro 999. When you insert the sim card, you can choose the data plan. Even you can add data packages when you need them. After every four weeks, you can recharge your account automatically. 

This sim card offers the best bundles at the lowest prices. It’s recommended to buy a Lidi sim card from the Lidis. You just have to ask for the starter pack there. 

SIMon mobile

It’s one of the sub-brands of Vodafone. This sim card has contract offerings. Though you have a chance to cancel the plan. The package offering of this sim card is very cheap and easier but faster. It is worth your money. Besides you can add in every month. It’s the only provider in Germany that offers eSim. You just have to select the eSim. 

One of the advantages of Simon Mobile is that you can order the sim card online and you don’t need any ID verification. When you receive the email in the mailbox, it will be activated. Its 5G network double-time speed for data. Besides you can enjoy unlimited data, phone calls and text. Another great feature is that you will be able to pause the contract for around three months. It’s an advantage if you travel to any other country in Europe. 

Which one is the best SIM card and what are the benefits? 

Compared to the other SIM cards, Aldi Talk is the best one to pick. There are some reasons behind this. It’s one of the best SIM cards in Germany. If you don’t have enough time, you can check the benefits here to know more about the benefits of using also talk sim card. 

Fast internet speed

People who need fast data speed can use this SIM card. This sim card offers a data package from 500 Mb up to 5.5 GB for every month. To download any file, the data speed is about 21.6 Mbit. The internet speed is faster like the Vodafone and it’s the best sim card in Germany for mobile data. If you exchange speed, you can receive more data. The internet package will be automatically renewed every month and it will be deducted from your balance. Besides, the internet data plan, you can use some other extra options. 

Save costs : 

Saving the cost is one of the most beneficial sides of using a SIM card in Germany. The costs of Aldi Talk are not as expensive as the others. This sim card can provide the same service at the same cost. When you activate your sim, you can even choose the data plan. Any kind of changes can be made by you in your data package. 

5G network : 

Aldi Talk has introduced 5G data in Germany for the first time. The price has increased because of this feature. Due to this feature, Aldi Talk has become a model for other SIM card companies. However, the customers have to pay more for the 5G network connection. In the future customers may have to pay more for the 5G connection. 

Whatever the sim card you choose, keep in mind that you must get a contract for two years. Pick a flexible and affordable SIM card for you. Select a plan that is suitable for you. You should choose a SIM card that offers an amazing data package.

Where will you get a SIM card

In the supermarket SIM cards are available. You can buy one for yourself from the supermarkets. When you go to the supermarket, you will find small SIM cards next to the cashier. You can just choose a SIM card for yourself. You will get a receipt from the cashier with the instructions. According to the instructions, you can load the balance on your card. It’s easier to insert a SIM card. Besides, if you feel hesitant to go to the supermarket, you can take it from the app. Students who have a bank account in Germany can purchase online. 

How will you activate your SIM card in Germany? 

When you get your SIM card, you have to activate the card. Ensure that you register your SIM card so that you can prevent crime. For registration, you need a passport number, home address and official card in Germany. It will take a few minutes to register online. There is no guarantee that your passport will be verified online. You have to go to the post office near your residence. When you activate the sim card, you can choose the tariff. 

Final thoughts

You saw that having the right SIM card in Germany is essential for staying longer. You will be able to stay connected to people everywhere using the SIM card. Aidi Talk is the best choice to pick a SIM card in Germany. Its low price, easy handling, and better network made it the top choice. 


Is there any roaming charge? 

Answer: Roaming charges will be applied if you cross the border and go to any other Europe country. Students can use it without extra cost. 

How can I check my balance on Aidi’s talk?

Answer: Aldi Talk has an easy and quick way to check the balance. You can use the Aldi mobile app. You can send SMS in 590 from your mobile handset. 

How does a simSIMrd work in Germany? 

Answer: In Germany, sim cards are easy to roam. Because you can use data, text, and calls while using your sim card in any other European country. There are no extra costs. 

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