Why is the Internet so “bad” in Germany?

Why is the internet so bad in Germany

In this era, it’s not so easy for someone to move or work without a faster internet connection. Because of technological progress, internet speed is faster in any country. Germany is the leader in technology in Europe. But the country couldn’t provide a faster internet connection. People currently living in Germany have faced this issue. It has become an obvious question for every expat living in Germany why the internet is slower? In the last year, the average internet speed was 76,50 Mbps. 

If you have visited Germany, or once, you have experienced a poor internet connection. Even Ukraine has a much better internet connection than Germany. In this article,  you will get the answer to the reason to be disappointed with the poor internet connection in Germany.

What are the main reasons for bad internet connection in Germany? 

Internet connection in Germany depends on the areas you live in some cases. But people need a faster internet connection to perform operations in Germany. 

Excessive cost

Costs for internet connection are quite high in Germany. The reason behind this is the monopoly of Deutsche Telecom. Deutsch Telecom owns the telephone infrastructure. The users who use it in the end have to suffer a lot for the excessive costs. 

Poor follow-up: 

Germany had plans to repair the bad internet connection. But the plans were not implemented. The authorities had no intention and were stingy in implementing the plans. Several times they made a decision but lack of willingness, they did not implement it. They have focused on saving money and made the strategy complicated. 

Lack of resources

Developing countries like Germany have to struggle a lot for internet speed. Because there is a lack of resources for investment and innovation. As there are not enough resources, it’s time-consuming to cope with this situation. 

What are the most used internet technology in Germany

In most of the places, people use cable or DSL for Internet connection. Some of the houses and businesses, don’t have an internet connection. 

Let’s have a look at the most common internet technology in Germany. 

Fibre optic : 

Internet connection provided by fiber optics is faster than fiber optics uses ultra-thin glass strands for carrying the light. Fibre optic connection is 100 times faster than DSL. 


Most of the people in most of the areas in Germany use DSL for internet connection. DSL is connected in the houses through phone lines. People can use both the internet and phone calls. 

So many people have complained earlier that they have experienced poor internet connection in Germany. They were frustrated and disappointed. Most of the time, in the late night, it was an awful experience for them. Internet connection plays a huge role in Germany for running business operations. People who are living outside of the city, experience a normal internet connection. Most of the startup companies build their office in the city.  People need a faster internet connection.  Slow connection causes you to waste your valuable time. 

The fact of slow internet connection speed is no more a secret in Germany. After visiting, people from so many countries have talked about their experience of poor net connection. Still, some improvement needed to recover this bad internet

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